I'm an interaction designer and sci-fi/fantasy lover,
fascinated with how powerful narratives shape impactful experiences

My Work


At Ellehacks, we were challenged by Accenture to disrupt the education system. As a team, we decided to tackle the user experience and effectiveness of the entire learning environment. Our solution, CreateLab, is a package of design concepts, founded in user research on effective creative classroom environments.

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Check back soon too see some other fun projects I've worked on!

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About Me

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with how

does that work? 
How do I do that? 
How do I make that with what I have? 

My fascination with how has always fueled my passion to create, and my passion to understand. Now, as I enter my career in design, my fascination lies with understanding how I can use my strengths in design to help build a world that is accessible, inclusive, and empathetic for everyone. 

Currently, I am looking for a design internship, and I’m incredibly excited to get to work on finding the answers to my latest how.